Worst Injuries Suffered By The Players In The History Of Rugby League Games

Rugby is a game where the super athletic players never fail to impress the crowd with their huge built, agility and strength, but when one of them gets hit in the head, we are reminded that despite everything, they are still very much human.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt apparently does not apply for rugby games.

The Rugby league in Australia is one of the biggest spectator sports and loved thoroughly and enthusiastically by the large population of the nation.  The game of rugby is unlike any other sport where the excitement is almost palpable in the air, where extraordinary large men make incredibly skilful passes, where the unpredictable outcome makes everyone sit on the edge of their seats and bets are on the line with billions at stake. Click here if you wish to become part of the latter crowd and read on to hear less about the pain that is likely to hit you hip-pocket and more about those who put their body on the line for our entertainment:

1.    Martin Groenewald:

Groenewald met a bad fate when he was playing during a live broadcast and incidentally broke his leg in two places.

2.    Jordan Rapana:

Jordan Rapana pretty much proved to the world how much he loves playing Rugby when he got knocked on the head and after passing the concussion test on the field, continued to play for the next 25 minutes. It was eventually found out that he had fractured his skull rather badly and needed 60 staples and a metal plate to treat the injury.

3.    Greg Eastwood:

Eastwood did not get injured during the rugby game but rather at home when he got up from bed in the morning and stepped directly on his son’s toy (Lightening McQueen from The Cars movie).

4.    Shaun Kenny-Dowall:

Dowall continued on to play the triumphing game for his team despite a hair line injury and a broken tooth.

5.    Brett Morris:

Morris fractured his shoulder during the game and shockingly continued on to play the 60 minutes game despite the excruciating pain until eventually he could take no more.  He even made a last minute match-saving tackle.

6.    Tim Brasher:

Another injury that happened off the field and not due to some heroic act pulled during the game was when Brasher was trying to clean the ceiling fan at home. The chair on which he was standing gave way and led to a knee injury, one that ruled him out of the season for an entire year.

7.    Sam Burgees:

Back in 2014, Burgees fractured his cheekbone during the game but he was so determined that he continued to play. His performance was so extraordinary despite his injury that he was announced Man of the Match alongside being awarded the Clive Churchill medal.

One thing is for sure, these sportsmen certainly love this sport, creating millions of fan along the way.