3 Reasons to Add Timber Cladding To Your Home

Timber cladding it the use of hardwood or softwood strips put together to cover exterior or interior walls of a building. The cladding can be laid in any direction and you can even mix up the directions of certain parts to add a design feature to the look.

To compare it with a house made of concrete, it is somewhat similar to siding that is applied on the exterior walls of a home. Though the function each of them, i.e., cladding and siding, serves is completely different, both of them are on the same page when it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of a house. While this blog can give enough ideas about cladding, for a few references on the latter, sites similar to https://www.sidingatlanta.com/ could be visited.


It is possible to stain or treat timber and achieve any color you desire, or you can choose to paint it by hiring professionals you can find by looking up “house painter near me“. Whichever method you choose to use to decorate your home, it created a much more textural and stylish look than simply just painting the exterior of your home.

You can also use colouring and staining to match your home to the surroundings and increase the chance of gaining planning permission on that new build or extension.


Timber cladding has wondrous insulating properties and is a great way to add extra heat retention to your home. This can cut your heating bills significantly in the winter as it retains more heat throughout your home. Speaking of looking for a solution to cutting your heating costs, you might want to think about installing a heating system powered by heating oil. In that case, you wouldn’t have to use electricity for heating, but instead, you could order heating fuel from https://www.romeosfuel.com/ or from websites of similar oil delivery firms near you, which would probably be less expensive.

Coming back to timber, it is also a great insulator of sound, making your home a much more peaceful and quiet space; especially if you live near a road or in a busy area.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber cladding is renewable, sustainable and recyclable; making it the perfect material to build and clad your home with.