4 Tips for Making Your Small Living Room Look Bigger

If your living room is smaller than you’d like it to be, don’t fear, there are plenty of tricks you can employ to make the space appear bigger. It’s all about getting the right balance between style and utility. You need the space to work for you and your family, but you don’t want it to feel cluttered or jam-packed with overbearing furniture or items.

This means you might have to search a bit longer and harder for that perfect sofa and the right light fixtures, but all the effort will be worthwhile when it all comes together. Here are 4 great tips you should use if you want to make your small living room look bigger.

  1. Go for Minimalist Furniture

There’s nothing worse you can do in a small living space than add big, broad sofas. If you want to make the space feel bigger, keep the seating arrangements as small and as minimalist as possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t have comfortable sofas, just think about it carefully before you buy.

Keeping looking around until you find the sofas and chairs that you feel is both small enough to suit the room, but not so small as to be unsuitable for your family’s needs.

  1. Consider How Your Doors Impact on the Space

I find it’s always best to make sure your doors blend into the wall in which they’re situated. If they stand out too much, they can make the room feel even more small and cramped, and that’s not what you want.

You could even install sliding door hardware if you want to maximise your space as much as possible. If your doors slide open rather than open in the usual way, your room will feel more spacious.

  1. Combine Style with Functionality

Everyone wants their living room to be both functional and good looking. If you can combine these traits as much as possible though, you’ll be able to save on space.

If your bookcases and cabinets can also act as components of the overall style and design of the room, the space will be much easier on the eye. And you won’t have to dedicate much extra space to aesthetic flares and touches. You could dedicate a whole wall to storage and place the television at the centre of it. The options are endless.

  1. Harness the Power of Mirrors and Lights

Mirrors are great ways of making a small space look bigger. It’s a simple trick of the eye. A lot of people question the logic behind it, but it really works. If you place a big mirror on one wall, the whole room will appear to have much more depth to it.

The lights you use will also have a big impact on how the room appears. If your living room is short on natural light, make sure you have multiple strong lights in the room. A small room is only made worse by bad lighting arrangements.


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If you follow these easy tips, you’ll see the difference in your living space instantly. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference to your perception of a room.