5 Signs Your Groomsmen Should Ditch Ties for Cravats

There are so many different points to consider when you’re planning a wedding, and people often forget how hard it is to choose what the groom and groomsmen are going to wear. Whether they are wearing Custom Suits or tuxedos, cravat vs tie is a common conundrum. So here are just five signs you should go for the cravat.

  1. Your Venue is Quite Traditional

Plenty of weddings now take place in less traditional settings, but there are still more than a few couples out there drawn to picture-postcard churches, charming old barns, and elegant stately homes. If you’re one of them, cravats are the way to go – they simply feel more in keeping with the traditional wedding environment, while ties may feel a little out of place.

  1. You’re Normally Suited and Booted

Do you and your groomsmen wear quality shirts and ties for work? If so, wearing something similar for the wedding isn’t going to seem that special, and you might end up looking like you’re simply dressed for a day at the office. If a suit and tie is part of your everyday wear, it makes sense to go for a cravat to help make things feel special.

  1. You’re Wearing Lounge Suits

The general rule is that a tie will relax the formal appearance of a tail coat while a cravat will lend dignity and style to a lounge suit. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule that you definitely need to follow, but it is something you should keep in mind, especially if you’re on the fence.

  1. You’re Set on a Tie

It’s always nice for the groom to be distinct from the groomsmen, but it can be hard to set yourself apart without either going overboard or making the differences too subtle. One of the simplest ways of getting things right is by wearing a tie while your groomsmen wear cravats or a cravat while your groomsmen wear matching ties. People will instantly be able to tell the difference, but you’ll all still match.

  1. You Have Time to Practice

Okay, a cravat can look great, but most groomsmen will never have tied one before. If you have anyone jetting in at the last minute or know your groomsmen will just try to get things right on the day, you might want to avoid the cravat. If you know everyone will put the time into learning to tie their cravat correctly, it’s a shame to go for something simpler.