5 Ways to Save on a UK Staycation

If you are constrained in terms of finances and time, there is still no excuse for you to have a short break from the daily grind. To have relief from stress and to spend time with the people you love, staycations will offer the perfect solution. You do not have to spend a lot or travel far, yet you can still have fun. While staycations are already cheaper compared to traditional holidays, you can still enjoy more savings by following the tips that will be mentioned below.


Book Accommodation Directly

There are many third party websites where you can book your accommodation. The problem however, is that their prices are usually higher. This is basically because they have operating costs, which in turn, will be transferred to their clients. You can bypass these companies and save a lot if you choose to book directly from the hotel’s website. They often have the best deals, allowing you to find steals that will make your staycation more budget-friendly. You can even try calling the hotel directly for the best available rates.

Travel Midweek

Weekends in the UK, much like in any other country, are a busy time for travelers. These are the days wherein people usually do not have work and school. With such, it is obvious why many hotels are usually booked during these days. If you would like to save, try staying on a Wednesday. When you book a midweek break, you’ll find that the demand is usually low, and hence, hotels are able to offer their rooms at more affordable rates.

Book Early

Even if it is a staycation, this does not mean that you can just book right there and then. A better thing to do is to plan in advance, such as a month before your intended date. Many accommodations will have early bird discounts, allowing you to get a room at reduced prices. Just choose options that offer flexibility, such as free cancellation or rebooking, if in case your plans do not work out as intended.

Watch Out For Deals

One of the best things that you can do is to subscribe to the newsletters of different hotels that are accessible from where you live. If you have signed up, you will receive regular updates of their promotions, making it possible for you to be amongst the first one to grab their room offers. You can also follow the social media accounts of your favorite hotels so that you will instantly know about their latest promotions. 

Enjoy Your Accommodation

When on a staycation, take this opportunity to just relax. Lounge by the pool. Sleep all day. De-stress and forget the things that you often worry about. Do not make this a time to splurge on shopping or dine in high-end restaurants. Limit your activities to what you can do inside the hotel. Going around the area will require money and energy, and hence, losing the idea of how staycations should be. Do not spend on unnecessary things and just enjoy the facilities of the hotel so that you can have a truly chill time. You accommodation isn’t just limited to the 4 walls of your room, if you’re staying in a holiday cottage in a scenic location you should enjoy everything available to you on your doorstep.