6 Practical Reasons You Should Always Carry a Reusable Bag

Reusable shopping bags have been around for a while. However, it’s only now that people have started to move away from single-use grocery bags to using these bags. When it comes to choices, there are more than a few options. Custom cotton printed bags are all the rage as they look incredibly good paired with everyday attire. Jute bags are also regaining its popularity. If you want something a bit more durable, canvas bags are also a great pick. The great thing about canvas bags is that you can pick up a paintbrush and custom paint your bag. With so many great choices there is really no reason why you shouldn’t carry along a reusable carrier bag wherever you go.

In fact, many brands and companies too are jumping on the sustainable bandwagon, and giving customized cotton bags to their customers (with help from manufacturers like Real Thread) when they shop! This can not only be a great brand building technique, but can also be useful in promoting a lifestyle that supports the environment through reuse and recycling.

Following are 6 reasons why you always carry a reusable shopping bag.

You Save Money in the Long Run: One of the reasons we never think about money when buying plastic carrier bags is that because they cost only a few cents. However, think about it this way. You only use a carrier bag to bring home the groceries before discarding it forever. In fact, an average shopper only uses a grocery bag for approximately 12 minutes. Now, ask yourself this. Are you prepared to spend the few cents for something that you are going to throw away in a few minutes? The few cents add up over the years and it’s much cheaper to buy a quality cotton carrier bag and keep on reusing it.

You Save Turtles and Marine Animals: When we throw away a piece of plastic we never think about what it does to our world. Sadly, that’s the mentality that has led us here. Thousands of marine animals get trapped in grocery bags and then either suffocate or starve to death. Just by simply shifting to reusable bags you can choose to make a change.

You Are Always Prepared to Carry Extra Things: Carrying a bag with you all the time keeps you prepared for those days where you need to carry things. From bringing home a few books from the library to the going for a sudden shopping run, you never have to rely on grocery bags again.

They Are Machine Washable: If you are wondering about how difficult it is to maintain a cotton bag, then there is no cause for concern. These bags can be tossed inside the washer along with clothes for a quick spin. Once washed, they can be dried on clothes racks.

You Spread the Message: When people see you carrying an eco-friendly cotton bag to stores, they immediately get influenced without you having to say a word. Your personal rebellion against single-use plastic bags gets others to do the same.

They Are Comfortable to Carry Around: Reusable tote bags are pretty comfortable to carry around. Unlike, carrying plastic bags which can strain your fingers, you can carry a cotton bag over your shoulders. This allows you to carry a much heavier load while keeping your hands free.