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Hi guys, my name is Mark Karnes and I like to make money. Yes, I do and who doesn’t? Do you want more money to save, invest, leave to your kids, give away or to use it for any other profiting missions that you may come across in your life? I do, I want all of this and more, I want to be financially free! I am all about finance, I hate being in debt, I dislike being around things that I love but can’t afford to buy. Success to me is handling your finances the right way.

About Mark Karnes & This Blog

This is my blog where I like to write about my view of everything finance related. The fact that money rules almost everyone’s lives is plain to see and I prioritize money as one of the most important things in my life and this blog is how I like to get my thoughts out there about money. This blog is mainly written by me, for like minded people, I aim to inspire people, not to tell them how to run your finances, I’m not an expert, just plodding by in life, blogging about it and hoping to inspire a few people along the way but ultimately, when it comes to your money, you have to find your own path, make your own choices and work out what’s best for you.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, or you’re interested in contributing a relevant, inspiring, financial post to my blog then you can find my contact page here and I’ll aim to reply as soon as possible. I have the right to approve/dis-approve the content so please don’t be offended if you do offer me a piece of content and I feel that it’s not up to scratch or relevant to my audience.

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