Achieving Client Retention: Speaking Clearly to Clients

Phone Etiquette 

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Most people in the service industry will do their utmost to provide their services to the best of their ability, regardless of what they do for a living. Of course, if we are to be taken seriously by our employers or clients we deal with on a regular basis, it is essential we act in a professional manner at all times. With this in mind, there is no real wonder that company mangers or CEOs considering the use of virtual assistant services will want to make sure all operatives potentially representing their firm have a good work ethic.

Indeed, there are a number of things to be taken into account regarding a professional call operator service – being friendly, patient and empathic at all times being amongst some of the most important. It goes without saying that people contacting a firm for the first time are not going to be impressed by a telephone receptionist who seems to be more interested in what they are saying than what the customer has to say. Firms seriously thinking about getting in touch with a provider of a virtual phone answering service should ensure the staff who will be taking on their customer services are able to:

  • speak clearly and concisely
  • refrain from eating and drinking while on the phone
  • address the caller properly
  • listen carefully to what the caller has to say
  • be patient and helpful

Calm Tone 

As we cannot usually see the faces of people we talk to on the phone, the tone of voice we use becomes extremely important in terms of the impression we make on the caller. Of course, customers who do contact a company in order to make an enquiry about goods or services will not be too happy listening to a customer service operator who appears to be quite irate or unpleasant by their tone of voice. One thing is for sure though, bosses of firms who look at as a solution to finding professional virtual assistant services will be able to source just what they need. Indeed, not only are all the virtual phone answering personnel representing this company dedicated to their work, but they are also directly employed, making them much more likely to have an impressive work ethic. However, companies that would like to learn a lot more may want to look at websites talking about what makes a professional call operator. By being prepared to conduct some research about telephone call etiquette for business-related conversations, business owners thinking about outsourcing their phone call services will be able to understand more about the benefits of using such a service.

Telephone Training 

Providers of virtual telephone answering services who are serious about getting to the top of this competitive marketplace will need to make sure all their operators are properly trained. Of course, leaders in this type of business who do have effective vetting procedures for all candidates of positions they offer should be able to get the cream of the crop.

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Indeed, as clear communication is key to successful telephone conversations with clients, potential employees of a firm providing outsourcing services to companies in need of a virtual call service should be able to display such qualities in their interview. In order for recruiters of telephone operators to achieve this common goal, these interviews should always be held over the phone.