Best hotel destinations for better sleep

Traveling over time zones can make it especially difficult for regular travelers to have a good night’s rest. The culprit more often than not is due to the setting and resetting of our 24-hour natural day and night cycle. This leads to irregularities in our circadian rhythm causing our internal clock to go out of sync. This mismatch with the current day and night cycle causes a reduction in the quantity and quality of our sleep. Luckily, though, there are a number of great hotel destinations out there committed to assisting the weary travelers to enjoy a good night’s sleep by creating various packages committed to helping you do just that.

Here are our top picks for destinations that will leave you well rested after long hours of travel

  1. The Corinthia Hotel (London)

The Corinthia hotel sumptuous sleep retreat was launched on 13 may 2014 with the chief purpose of providing clients with a well-rested experience. The general manager, Matthew Dixon says that this project highlights all the reasons to choose Corinthia Hotel London as your destination to wind down, relax and get a quality night’s rest.

The services provided in the luxurious sleep package include,

  • A treat of refreshing valerian tea or warm milk with pumpkin seed cookies.
  • Personalized acupuncture session or ancient IndianShirodhara treatment at ESPA life in Corinthia.
  • Accommodation in a luxurious bedroom or suite with high quality mattresses. Visit SleepJunkie for more information on high quality mattresses and their effect on sleep.
  • A light breakfast from the sleep menu served in your room.
  • Dinner from the sleep menu in the Northall restaurant at the hotel specifically designed to help you fall asleep.

This deluxe sleep package was created in conjunction with medically trained experts and if reviews are anything to go by it is definitely worth a try.

  1. The four seasons

The four seasons is renowned for the comfort of their beds and rightly so. The Four Seasons bed is the first fully equipped and customizable hotel bed. Weary travelersare offered a way to personalize and efficiently choose their bed of choice. What exactly is it that makes the bed so memorable?

  • For starters, the mattress offers three different levels of firmness signature, signature plush, and signature
  • Travelers can have their choice of pillows from a large variety provided by the hotel to customize their sleep experience.
  • The mattress was developed specially by the four seasons in partnership with Simmons with the aim of allowing guests to select their own
  • The bed has so far been wildly successful and is now available for purchase through local four season’s locations.
  1. Six sense wellness resorts

The six senses wellness resorts are located in various exotic destinations such as China, Maldives, Portugal Egypt, India just to name a few. The six senses sleep program is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive programs when it comes to clients sleep. They have pulled out all the stops to assemble a unique variety of products from all over the world to help clients sleep better. This includes mattresses, pillows, moisture wicking sheets, music, sleep monitors and specialty aromatherapy. The Mattress itself has a unique supportive core, layers of natural latex, and is tufted in organic lamb’s wool just to name but a few.

All in all these three choice hotels around the world are without a doubt on the front lines of customer comfort and the elusive but oh so important good night’s rest every human being needs.