Book Review: The Money Code

This book is practically an encyclopedia of knowledge.

Chapter by chapter it describes in great detail on how to accumulate wealth, why money is necessary and how to keep your wealth once you have it.
Common sense and universal laws prevail in this book and coupled with extensive links out to more information on the web, makes all of it even more invaluable.

It’s fairly short and easily digestible. And hopefully many will heed the simple advice in this book, for we all could use some money. 🙂

All in all – thumbs up – the only things that could use improvement are (and these are very few): couple of run together words, dead link and some of the formatting.


This book instantly caught my eye with, “Why are so many Jews rich?” Can’t say I ever thought too much on the topic, but I give the author credit for this question. Wealthiest and Judaism seem to go hand in hand with the public.

This book gives decodes the 7 codes and tell you exactly what you should do to become more successful and financially secure. It offers very practice advice in an easy to read manner.

Also gives some great suggestions for acquiring long-term financial success that grows over time.

One of the best financial books I’ve seen in a long time.