Business Going Well? Is it Time to Consider your Wealth Management Options?

Everything is smooth sailing. The family is doing great and the business is booming. So, what’s next? How about opening a business in another country? Or investing in Bonds or Equities? Sounds complicated, but it’s not.

If you really want to expand your business or invest, all you have to do is scout for a professional who is adept at managing wealth, perhaps someone like Lincoln Frost, to handle it for you. Self-managing investments may sound easy, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you might lose everything.

That said, besides hiring the services of the above-mentioned expert, you can also look for companies that have a good reputation among their clients for managing wealth. There are handful of them on the Internet. There is a handful of them on the Internet. All you have to do is carry out extensive research to find which ones have experience in handling these cases. Who knows, if you are lucky, your research may lead you to find a jacksonville wealth management company or one in your location, with whom you can discuss your financial plans and what you can do.

Anyway, Citibank is the bank you can trust. More than 200 years in the banking and investment business is proof enough they know what they are doing. Don’t just let anybody handle your business. If you want less risk and more returns, then go to the experts.

When you join Citibank, they assign a Relationship Manager to handle your personal account. Giving wealth options immediately is not their style. To make sure you get an effective wealth management strategy, they follow crucial steps. First, they will understand your financial situation and needs. Second, they identify the appropriate products for you. Third, with your approval, select the best product. And, finally, after some time, reviews are made and adjustments applied.


Now, let’s take a look at some benefits of their Wealth Management products:

Investment Funds

  • Clients can choose the industry, market and security to invest in
  • A well-trained fund manager handles everything
  • Low transaction cost

Structured Products

  • Compared to standard deposits, Structured Products has higher returns
  • May receive 100 percent capital protection
  • Ideal for clients who want diversification in their investment

Foreign Exchange

  • Clients can transfer money easily and safely
  • Globetrotting clients can withdraw from any parts of the world
  • Easy conversion to local currencies

Insurance Products

  • Peace of mind
  • Assistance during difficult times
  • Protect you financially



  • Free from taxes (capital gain and income)
  • Can invest up to 15,240 a year
  • No need for tax declaration


  • Available globally
  • Capital growth possibilities
  • No-risk rate interest


  • Available in 34 stock markets globally
  • Higher returns compared to bonds or deposits
  • Prices of stocks or shares increase in time

Investing is a risky business, that’s why you need to know everything about it. It is best to hire a professional company, like Citibank, to enlighten you about investments and the like. Actually, they can do everything for you. With all their financial advisers to help you out, you can simply relax and enjoy the company of your most important asset – your family.