Can You Re-Use Paper Bags And Save Money?

Now that paper bags are enjoying a resurgence of popularity, thanks to government-imposed bans and charges on plastic bags, and a global population that is increasingly aware of environmental issues, the question remains of what to do with the paper bags after they have been used. With plastic bags we all know that they can be employed as substitute bin-liners, but you can’t really do the same with most paper bags as you’re likely to end up with an unpleasant leak.

Reduce Reuse Recycle


But there are many ways in which unwanted paper bags can be put to good effect, for example:

Gift Wrapping

With the Christmas season fast approaching, it’s worth bearing in mind how we can reduce the mountains of wrapping paper discarded in seconds as the kids unwrap their presents under the tree. Paper bags can be a great alternative – whether there is already a colourful print on them, or if they are plain, in which case you can draw seasonal imagery on them, or little messages for the recipient. Unleash your creative side by using cotton wool for snow, and pine leaves for Christmas trees.

Lining Animal Cages

If you have pets around the home you’re naturally familiar with how to deal with their droppings. You can line their cages with old bags, or shred the bags to make bedding for animals such as hamsters and gerbils. Layers of bags can also be used to line cat litter trays but they will need replacing regularly.

Packed Lunches

Plain paper bags can also be used to keep your children’s lunches together at school. As with Christmas wrapping, you can write little notes on the bags to give encouragement in lessons, or to insist they eat the fruit!

Moving Home

When you’re packing to move house, you need to safely wrap up all of your fragile items such as glasses, china or trinkets. Paper bags are ideal for this task – in plentiful supply, they keep your valuables secure, clean and intact during the moving process.

Ripening Fruit

If you have some fruit you need to be ripened but don’t have time to wait, seal it in a paper bag and it will rapidly speeds up the process.

Cleaning Windows

Only applicable if the bag is clean – take a brown paper bag, spray some white wine vinegar mixed with warm soapy water onto the glass, and wipe away. No need for nasty chemicals, and you get a perfect shine every time.