Creative Ways to Save on Banking Fees and Charges

Banking fees and transaction charges are no doubt necessary so that your banking institution gets remunerated for offering you the service of keeping your money safe and facilitating its safe movement (or so they say). Any money-savvy person will naturally wonder whether all these bank fees are worth the service you actually get however. This naturally leads to entertaining the thought of how exactly to go about cutting down on what can sometimes turn into hefty banking fees and charges. So how then do you save on banking fees and transactional charges which can get a bit too steep for comfort? Here are three extensible ways of creatively doing it:

bank charges

  1. Store some of your money in “no-charge” accounts such as in online payment processing merchants like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payza, etc. This also means you won’t earn any interest, but that’s a discussion for another day.
  2. Deposit more of the money you don’t really plan on using into online gambling sites, especially those online gaming sites you already use (even though you don’t plan on playing with all the money you’re depositing)
  3. Store some of your money in the escrow-type accounts of online freelancing and other online services sites. This works out even better if you actually use those sites for their intended purposes, like procuring some services from freelancers.

If you constantly work on seeking out creative ways to save on your banking fees and financial transaction charges, at some point you’ll get so good at it that it can actually work out to a net profit for you, however small that net gain may be. Take our example of storing some of your money in your online gaming account. This would work best if you’re actually interested in online gambling and if you perhaps already delight in a game or two of something like bingo, once in a while. What you’d then do is maybe decide to deposit more money than you actually plan to play with as a way to take advantage of any sign-up or deposit bonuses online gaming sites frequently offer their members. Most of these sign-up or deposit bonuses get bigger in relation to the amount of money you deposit to fund your gaming amount with. All you really have to do is keep an eye on what deposit bonus is currently being offered by your online gaming site of choice. You can check it now with mobile bingo site Landmark Bingo, one of the most popular ways through which to creatively take advantage of your love for online gaming and saving (and perhaps earning) a few extra bucks that would otherwise be lost to banking fees and transactional charges.

To further extend on our online casino example, which in this case is a bingo site, some special offers and deposit bonuses will automatically qualify you for free credits or specific rewards like “extra spins” or “free rounds,” which add up when added to all the other mentioned creative ways you can use to save on your banking fees and charges.

There are a whole lot of other ways through which you can cut down on your transactional charges and bank fees and the ones mentioned here are just meant to give you a push in the right direction and set you along the path of how you should be thinking about it.