Day Trading Lessons: Penny Stocks To Watch

Many traditional investors look down on day trading. They are skeptical of everyday people that search for penny stocks to watch in day trading chat rooms and apply smart strategies to profit from small-cap stocks.

Traditional investors tend to see day traders as trafficking in unnecessary risk, with the majority of day traders, something in the range of 90% losing money. That is a fair statistic, but something that investors tend to trot out misleadingly. It is true that only 10% of day traders make money, but that is because those 10% had the dedication and discipline to learn functional day trading strategies.

How do you learn consistent techniques that will allow you to profit off penny stock to watch every day? You invest in educational at a site like Warrior Trading. The veteran traders at Warrior spent years in front of screens, failing and learning, eventually coming up with coherent plans for how to trade daily and make money.

One of the keys is volatility. Volatility is an enemy of traditional buy-and-hold investors, because they see their long-term plans rocked by the stormy seas of the daily market. But those stormy seas are exactly where day traders thrive. To be profitable, one must be able to spot the waves that can be ridden and ride those waves to extreme profits.

Timing is another key. When you are searching for penny stocks to watch on the market, you need to know when to get in and when to get out. You need to have a plan for every trade. There is no substitute. There are technical indicators that will help you understand how to enter a stock and when it might start to dive, signaling when to get out. Learning those technical indicators is a complicated process that is aided by a day trading education site.

After you learn those strategies, you need to be able to practice somewhere. Screen time is of paramount importance. What you need is a paper trading setup. That is where you practice trading in a simulated environment that mimics the real stock market. Trading with virtual currency. That is a great way to test out day trading strategies without risking your hard-earned cash.

Once you log your screen time and prove that you can be profitable in a virtual trading environment, and then it makes sense to go out into the regular market. That is where you can start to make money and develop even more advanced skills in spotting trends in penny stocks to watch.

Getting a real feel for the movements of small-cap stocks on a day-to-day basis is important. That is how you get from a novice day trader to a veteran.  Veteran traders at Warrior Trading spend a lot of time in the site’s day trading chat room so that means budding traders can soak up the wisdom just by hanging out in the chat room.

Chat rooms are a great place to learn the lingo, read daily watch lists and observe veteran day traders at work. A valuable place to get better.