Fire is a chemical process of releasing heat, combustion, light and various reaction products. Fire can result in physical damage through burning. There are positive and negative effects of it. Positive effects include maintaining ecological systems where as negative effects include water contamination, hazard to life and property. On the other hand fire prevention requires segregation of elements like flammable liquids, combustible liquids, compressed gas cylinders, accumulation of combustible wastes, fueling area etc. Commercial and industrial buildings already have an internal and private fire system installed in it.


These equipments can be easily brought from fire equipment suppliers. The fire equipment suppliers guide you in the purchase with their expert knowledge and experience and you can choose the best systems as per your suitability.

Fire fighting means cooling the fire to the point at which combustion no longer takes place and the fire protection system is to identify risks and safeguards in preventing, and controlling the effects of fire and is also to protect the occupants and building fiber. Sometimes, after the fire accident, residents may have to get in touch with Fire Damage Restoration Services in their vicinity to rectify the damages that have occurred. As for the fire fighting services, it can also include fire resistance levels and fire brigade. Passive fire protection is intended to limit the spread of fire, high temperature, and smoke.

Active fire protection such as fire alarm systems works on both manual and automatic systems. Fire equipment includes a fire hydrant system, fire alarm system, fire detector, water spray system, etc. The fire hydrant system comprises of AC motors with all other accessories in it where a pipe works through a water pump set to spray water. The fire alarm system works on the electricity supply and has a battery backup. Water sprinkler systems could be beneficial for industrial and commercial establishments.

Moreover, to react to a fire alarm in apartment complexes, industrial and commercial facilities can hire fire watch security guards who could be well trained to provide basic fire response, first aid, CPR, self-defense, anti-terrorism procedures, and much more. Incorporating fire equipment, security measures, and a rapid response team may highly reduce the chance of casualties during a fire incident.

Further are the types of fire protection equipments. Fire hose and connections: these are supplied by hydrants and water trucks. Standpipes: Identifies location and types by using floor plans and maps.
A fireproof cabinet is a furniture piece with shelves and drawers in it to keep the entire document safe in case of fire or to protect from damage by chemicals and water. It plays an important role in keeping personal and official information safe.

The fireproof cabinet can securely store all types of data and paper files. This is an efficient way to access the each file easily. It is also available in multiple drawer options and can be assembled in configurations.

Fireproof cabinets come in different styles and sizes. There is no particular shape of cabinets. It can be used both by consumers and professionals and it also offers high security locks. One of the problems that can arise in fireproof cabinets is, if wrong specification is taken then these can destroy the internal moisture levels. They are designed to keep the interior level as cool as possible. So these cabinets should be protected against humidity.

The most well liked product in fireproof cabinet is Con sec. Con sec range consists of different sizes. Its three basic models are con sec 330, con sec 460 and con sec 580 and their weights are 300, 360 and 400kg. These cabinets can work in such an efficient way to give good working position.