Why gel foam mattresses are good for the elderly

The elderly are those people who are 65 years and above. These people have a lot of wisdom and some of them contribute so much to society despite their advanced age. The elderly also suffer from many health issues compared to other age brackets. As they get to the most advanced stage of their lives, their body systems, however, function less. Even their appetite for sleep lessens.

Many of them at this age tend to stay in nursing homes where they are looked after and others stay at home with caregivers. Caring for the elderly at home is fulfilling but it may affect your daily affairs because of their increasing health problems. But elderly people who choose to be taken care of by other elderly people seemingly show much positive results, compared to the others. Senior citizens who wish to avail of such assistance can look for Senior Care Services in Boca Raton or ones near their locale and enjoy the company of other seniors of their age.

Health professionals recommend that the elderly needs sleep at least seven to nine hours just like anyone else but due to factors like low melatonin production and increased anxiety and sensitivity to the environment that they are in, it becomes difficult. Researchers have also found out that older people get low satisfaction during sleep. They take long to fall asleep and there is high sleep fragmentation and disturbance.

Another reason why the elderly experience difficulties in sleeping is painful aging. Old people experience pain in many parts of their body. Examples of pains experienced include, joint pain, pain from sustained injuries, pain associated with diseases like stroke, diabetes, cancer and depression, muscle strain and many others. These kinds of situations need expert help to handle, with many relying on Green Pastures and other experts at elderly care to assist people going through these conditions.

The elderly can be helped to cope with pain by using medication. They can also be subjected to pain relieve therapies like hypnosis, physical therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Of all the mattress types you can find at www.thebest-mattress.org the memory foam mattress is the most effective for the elderly. This is the same type of mattresses that is recommended for people who suffer from back pain. Memory foam mattress’s support, comfort and temperature benefits that soothe people with back pain play a huge role to the elderly as well.

Under comfort, old people are highly sensitive to noise and movement. The memory foam mattress has the capability of absorbing pressure and force. Other foam types trap the heat from the body and make it hotter with time; the gel layer in a gel memory foam mattress dissipates the heat and maintains a cool temperature at night.

When it comes to support, the gel memory foam mattress adapts snugly to the spine curves and all other body parts and it remembers them and so it will keep the body’s natural alignment while one is sleeping. This feature lets the gel memory foam mattress to cradle pressure points where most pain is experienced.

Falling asleep and staying asleep keeps becoming more difficult for the elderly but if they are subjected to effective pain management exercises and given the right mattress to sleep on, they will feel better and more productive.

Last but not least, when buying the gel memory foam mattress you must be careful. Check whether it is made of gel beads or gel swirl or even liquid gel that can penetrate the whole foam or if it has gel pad affixed on its top layer. Liquid gel which penetrates into the all foam layer or solid gel pads provide excellent cooling compared to gel beds and gel swirl.

Also consider if the gel memory foam mattress uses a thick or thin padded or quilted cover. These types of covers breathe better and allow perfect flow of air. You should consider the density of the foam as well. If it is lower than 3 pounds per cubic foot, then it is not the right one to purchase for the elderly. Gel foam mattresses that are more than 3 pounds per cubic foot last longer.