A good meeting—a good place!

Having a well-organised business meeting can have an enormous influence on the business itself. It is, therefore, a matter of great importance to choose a suitable place for a conference. Sometimes the companies have their own adapted conference halls, and if not, they book a table at a restaurant. More often nowadays, there are specific buildings, facilities accommodated for various meetings, conferences and events.

A good example

A well-presentable example is Poland conference in Krakow. This centre offers a variety of possible events that you can organize at the facility, including business meetings, symposiums, conferences, but also concerts, audio-visual performances and scenic shows.

How does it look?

This congress centre offers three main halls: The Auditorium Hall, with 1915 seats that surround the stage. It may be suitable for holding conferences, symposiums and concerts due to its high quality acoustics. Well-developed stage technology may be adapted to theatrical performances. The Theatre Hall’s stage also has curtains and adjustable scene. The number of seats is possible to be changed, with the maximum of 600 seats. Suitable for film screenings and performances. The third, Chamber Hall makes it possible to hold two symposiums simultaneously and has 300 seats. Apart from these halls, the centre offers refreshments rooms, catering, also technical, storage and commercial facilities.

What to do in free time?

The well-prepared rooms for conferences is not everything. The thing that also matters is the city in which the meetings are held and what it offers. The attractions of the city may be as important as the building. Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland therefore the Old Town is a must to see along with the many popular restaurants that offer local and traditional food. There are also many festivals and activities organised that you can attend to in the free time.

If you think about organising a conference, it is worth taking Krakow into consideration.