Guide to sending heavy bulky items for your Business deliveries

Sending heavy items by post is sometimes unavoidable. You may need to send some furniture or sports equipment through the post, or move your items to another country. However, if your items exceed the size and weight of the standard sizes that are accepted on the parcel network, you’ll have to find an alternative way to deliver your items, like deciding to use these shipping companies in new york who specialize in the transportation of heavy goods via their well-organized trucking services. With that being said, here is our basic guide on heavy parcels and how else to send them.


The Guidelines

Oversized parcels are those which are heavier, bulkier or longer than the guidelines for a standard parcel deliver. Your parcel is considered too big if it exceeds:

  • Length of 300cm
  • Width of 100cm
  • Height of 99cm
  • Weight of 99kg

Any parcel that exceeds these limits will not be able to be posted through the parcel network and you must find another service to make your delivery.

An Alternative Mode of Delivery

Freight services are perfect for delivering bulky and heavy parcels, like flat-pack furniture, play equipment and sports equipment such as skis and surfboards. Services such as Parcels Please allow for items that are up to three metres in length and they offer next day delivery without any surcharge. Plus, you can easily get a quote online by entering the parcel dimensions into their website so that you are not hit with unexpected costs.

Shipping Abroad

When s You can find more information on how one might send freight by sea to Portugal by going online where you can discover services, such as those provided by Plexus Freight, ideal for doing such a thing.hipping abroad, it’s not cost-effective to send large items by air and the most economical way is by an international sea freight shipment. Although it will take longer, it’s perfect for items that aren’t urgent and this mode of delivery can save you a shrink-wrap-tapes.aspx”>look at this website for help with packaging equipment to make sure that they are, including heat guns and shrink wrap tape. If your items are valuable, such as works of art or antiques, it’s important to use a trustworthy packaging service.

Other Information

Avoid risking surcharges and delays by checking the delivery guidelines before sending your large parcel; some items are prohibited to posted via the normal parcel network within the UK. If you’re shipping abroad, you should research what items are restricted to send to that particular country as this could delay your parcel.

If you’re ever in the position where you need to send heavy items through the post but you’re not sure how, use this brief guide for key things you should consider. We recommend using a freight service to make sure your items are delivered safely and cost-effectively.