How to get followers on your LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn has become in recent years in the professional network par excellence, an ideal way to connect job seekers to the companies and their customers, in which all parties take advantage. This social network is providing an opportunity for companies to manage and recruit employees, to publicize their services, products or ideas and expand your professional connections.


We found an effective way to get a great community in your personal profile, but this time we will focus on pages LinkedIn Company, and one of the first actions to take when a profile is created company is to build your brand authority in the middle, thus being recognized, considered and remembered as a relevant company to consider. And so we must get quality followers that allow you to interact and inspire your authority and leadership in sector’s without further ado let’s see how we can make do with the question, How to get followers to your page LinkedIn Company ?

Here are some tips you can follow to create a good community authority and LinkedIn:

At first gives a professional look to your LinkedIn profile.

The first thing is to have an effective landing page with a professional appearance that upon entering the page of the company LinkedIn look a look of serious, committed and customer proximity company.

We must not forget the basics that information must appear on all Company Profile:

An attractive cover

If we get to the main image of our visitors is attractive and pleasing to the eye, we have already gained much because surely with this get our visitors keep looking and reading the other information on our site. And accompany these images of a slogan which in short can represent the values ​​of our company the better.

Logo or profile picture

This image will accompany all items we hang on LinkedIn, and should therefore also be an image or logo of the more attractive quality and better.

A concise description

Here we have to get in a few paragraphs define and publicize all we can do for our customers, our industry experience, how work, success stories …… ultimately takes, sell in the best possible shape eyes customer in a few words.

Contact information

We must not forget to include in our links to our website, blog … and ways to contact the company (email, phone, fax ….) And other social networks that is present. You should use LinkedIn hiring to get more interaction with the more professionals.

Products and services

Another essential part of our site is to let the customer for products and services offered by the company, accompanying a description, pictures and links. It is very important to create value around our brand, and what better than with quality content blog of the company website, and you generate traffic. It’s a good idea to buy company followers for Linkedin. It give your profile an immediate boost.You make those interested in your industry come to your page when seeking information of interest, and who see the company as a good reference for your work area.