How to Impress Potential Employers with Your Skills

When you are sitting in front of a potential employer at an interview, you want to be able to impress them with whatever skills you have for the job in question. Of course, there are some jobs where you will need a degree, but there are far more employments where a university education is not required. If that is the sort of job you are after, do you know how to impress the person sitting opposite you?


It does not matter how highly qualified you are, nothing can replace experience. For instance, if you need a machine operator resume, it needs to include details of every job where you have had to work with machinery. For instance, if you have worked with a forklift before, you should mention that in your interview. The fact that you know how to work a forklift, and can understand when forklift repair would be required so as to prevent any accidents, can push your case more than your qualifications. The same goes for other machinery that you may have worked with, like machinery that drilled holes or put parts together, or if you have worked on the maintenance side of machine operating. Whatever job you have done, and how long for should be included.


Any achievements from previous jobs can be really helpful. If you won employee of the month, were promoted, or won some sort of award for your work, it is well worth including the details in your resume.

Personal Skills

The person interviewing you needs to know what personal skills you can bring to the workforce. Are you a leader or a follower? Can you communicate with a variety of people? Do you get to work on time? Do you have effective time management skills? Are you able to follow instructions whether they are verbal or written? If you are striving to meet a production deadline, are you able to keep calm to get the job done? Do you keep your workspace clean and free of clutter?

These are all things that any new employer would want the answers to, and it is not a bad idea to include them in your resume so that the questions do not have to be asked.


The older you get and the more experience you gain, the less important your education becomes. However, you should always include it as it shows you are being open and honest, hiding nothing from the boss you would like to be working for. It just needs to show which school you graduated from, and any other further education certificates you have achieved since, such as a forklift license.


Most things that the prospective employer will want to know about you will be included in the resume, but then comes the dreaded question – why do you want to work for us? You need to be able to answer this question with confidence and that can be helped if you research the company before the interview. That is easier than ever to do because of all the available information online about everything you could want to know. Focus on the positives about the company, and when you give the answer, let your confidence shine through. It is very difficult for an employer to have confidence in someone who has none in themselves.

We hope these pointers will help next time you are seeking employment, and good luck with the interview!