How to market your spray tanning business in 2019

With the arrival of 2019, you want your spray tanning business to be ready for every client that wants to escape the winter blues with a stunning tan. In the UK alone, around 41% of women use self-tanning products, which is why it is essential to use the best marketing plan to make your spray tanning business stand out amongst its competition. Here are some marketing ideas to get you started before the new year arrives.

Who is your ideal client? 

For any new business, spray tanning or not, it is essential that they identify which clientele they should be appealing to. Whether it is stay-at-home-mothers, youthful trend followers or more mature clients, you need to identify how your marketing would best appeal to them.

You wouldn’t want to waste your time trying to market an Olympic marathon to an Elderly Person, so why waste your time on demographics that aren’t interested in your products. Research into which demographic would be mostly interested in a spray tan and you will soon find that word of mouth will spread your business-like wild fire.

Marketing spray-tanning safety

Unlike a normal tanning salon, a spray tan can mean that your clients receive their winter glow without fear of any cancers or malignant tumours in the future. For salon owner, James Read, these worries are a thing for the past, as he says “When I apply my tan I feel and look healthy. If I haven’t done it, I feel I can’t go out.”

2018 has been a year of health, thus 2019 should follow on from this. Use your marketing to advertise the benefits of a spray tan and why your customers will look healthier as a result. No longer do your customers need to worry about botched self-tanning kits and potential health hazards from a tanning bed. Instead, they simply need to relax whilst you professionally spray them. However, if something does go wrong, don’t forget to invest in spray tanning insurance to ensure that you are fully covered.

Social Media Fun

It is crucial for any blossoming Spray Tanning Business to have a social media presence. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can all provide a fantastic platform to connect with your customers. You can provide photographic content of your spray tanning services or even offer special deals and discounts for the people who follow you online. Social media can also be used to begin advertising campaigns, as well as answer any potential questions that your potential clients may have. If you are marketing your spray tanning business in 2019, then it is essential that you utilise every platform as much as possible. That way your clients can keep in contact with you, and you can show off what your business truly has to offer.

You can even use these platforms to connect to your competition. Speak with them over Facebook and ask if they would like to potentially collaborate on an advertising campaign or even a media challenge that will assist you both in gaining followers. For instance, you may have a challenge of how fast you can spray tan a customer, though be sure to let them know what is happening first!