How to use poster printing to boost your conference presence

Picture if you will, a scene reminiscent of exhibition halls the world over: a cacophony of voices, colour, brands and competing businesses. Not as rambunctious and loud as the stock exchange floor in the city perhaps, but it can at times, feels like it takes on this hue.

The exhibition remains, however, the perfect place to launch your business or product, or to consolidate your presence as a leader in your chosen market. But, in such a competitive place, with so many things to assault the senses of the delegates how do you stand out? How can you stand out?

Announcing your presence

How people notice someone or something depends on various factors, but it seems that colour and a clear message are perfect in attracting attention. Before you start ordering the freebies to give away, think about how and what you will use to attract the ‘eye of the delegate’ to your stand or booth? What tricks will you play? Is there room for poster printing techniques?


The poster – information giving art

The poster is not dead in the water, although some people think that the invention and arrival of the digital age has rendered it obsolete. This is far from the case. You only have to look at the top fashion brands and how they use posters to announce their upcoming flash sales to see that the poster is the artistic ways of giving information to customers – sometimes without a single word being printed.

It takes a brave brand to take the courageous move to use the poster as the mains source of its advertising and marketing strategy however, the poster has many attributes that tend to go unnoticed. Ignore the poster at your peril, because it is a strong medium.


Can you think of any other printed medium, in large scale format that can not only attract attention, but excite the customer? Can you think of any other medium that works with the digital gizmos that we all rely on so heavily?

The versatile nature of the poster means it can do so many things…

  • Raise awareness

Posters are all about attracting attention but, rather than plaster it full of every single piece of information that you can think of, why not opt for less is more?

Intrigue is a great thing, it makes us curious about finding out more. Think carefully about the message that your poster is carrying and is there a way of conveying this message without using too many words.

Take a look at the Top 10 poster adverts of all time, and you will notice something striking. The graphic or the image is the thing that conveys the most information, with the text in a supporting role. As you flick through the list, take note of where your eye is drawn to when you first look at the poster. Is it the product or something else?

  • Intrigue

Making people curious is a great way of getting people talking about you, creating that all-important buzz around you, your product, your brand and booth.

One way, is the use QR codes.

Most smart phone will have the quick response (QR) code reading software or app – if not, it takes seconds to download and it is free too. As a business, you can easily generate your own code too.

It is a box that contains a link to your website and so on, such as a discount code, a winning ticket and so on, all of which relates back to your business. You can have infinite amount of fun with QR codes and even better, you can either slap one right in the middle of your poster, or in the corner… anywhere in fact. Location is not an issue as the customer or delegate simply aims their phone at the QR code, it reads it and, hey presto!, you have the contact details, link and so on that your business needs.

In other words, the humble poster, as well as being a piece of art can also be the bridge between customer and your business.

  • Highlight your unique selling points (USPs)

Why you? Why your product? These are all question that every entrepreneur is encouraged to ask of his or her business and the poster can be the cost-effective vehicle that tells people the ‘what, who and why’ of your business, as well as the ‘where’.

And all done with colour, vibrancy and artistic flair. What could be better?

James Trotter is Marketing Assistant at Colour Graphics. Providing cost-effective printed marketing media from business cards to large format posters, Colour Graphics understand the need for fabulous design and great print quality.