Is It Possible to Install a Swimming Pool on a Budget?

If you live in the UK, you might never have given a lot of thought to having a swimming pool. It’s rarely warm enough to go for a dip outside, and you need both the money and the space to install one. But several parts of the country get plenty of sunshine, even if it isn’t always scorching hot. It doesn’t need to be a warm day to go for a bracing swim, and it’s also possible to both cover and heat your pool. Plus, you don’t need that much space to put one in. But there’s still the question of money. Is it possible to install a swimming pool on a budget? You can keep your costs low, but just remember that ongoing maintenance costs can be high. Heating a pool can be expensive, as can cleaning and treating the water, and you’ll need regular swimming pool safety inspections to ensure your pool is up to regulation. That said, it can be more than worth it, and building the pool itself can be done on a budget by using some of these money-saving techniques.

Make It Worth It

If you’re worried you’re not going to get enough use out of your pool to make it worth it, you just need to make sure you can still use the space around it. Creating a multi-purpose space, where you can still have fun doing other things will mean your whole garden isn’t dedicated to the pool alone. By installing pool decking, you can create a poolside area that you can use come rain or shine. You can use it for dinner parties and social gatherings, whether or not it’s warm enough for a dip in the pool. Adding a pool cover or roof will also mean that you can use it in all weathers.


Henry Burrows

Go for a Smaller Pool

You don’t need to install a huge swimming pool. Remember that you can swim up and down the length of the pool as often as you want. It will make little difference if you’re doing a 20m lap or two 10m lengths. The size of the pool will make a significant difference to the cost of materials and installation, so try to keep it smaller. The smaller the pool, the more space you’ll have for other things.

Get Several Quotes

Don’t just choose the first contractor that you find. You should get quotes from several companies so that you can compare them and make sure you get the best deal. Of course, the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. But talking to different contractors will help you find someone who will give you the best service for the most competitive price. Try approaching people during autumn or winter, when people are less likely to be asking for pools to be built.

Do It Yourself

Another way to cut down on cost is to avoid using a contractor altogether. Instead of having someone come and install your pool for you, you can do it yourself using an inground swimming pool kit. It can be a bit of tough project to tackle if you’ve never done anything like it before, but it will save you the cost of labour. Another option is to put together a free-standing, above ground pool.

If you have the space, your very own swimming pool isn’t as out of the question as you might think. Don’t allow the weather to put you off. And, of course, there’s always building indoors.