The Main Warning Signs to Replace Windows

Regardless of whether you are currently thinking to replace your windows or you have never thought about it, you still need to know the warning signs of bad windows. Some cases will require only repair works, whereas others will have only one option. Read the signs of bad windows below and make sure that you act fast if you have found at least two of them in your home windows.



First of all, you must know that even the best windows after the most qualified installation can let some air infiltration into your house. However, this infiltration is not something you can notice. If you really feel drafts while sitting on a couch or opening the door, the time to replace your old windows has come.

According to Mississauga windows experts drafts frequently occur when wooden windows get warped from exposure to moisture. Moreover, drafts frequently occur if your windows are hard to operate, which makes it impossible to close them tightly.

One other frequent reason of home drafts and a sign to replace windows is when the corners of the frames and sashes become very loose and so create gaps allowing air to penetrate the window. Sometimes minor looses might ne fixed with traditional weather stripping, however it should only be a temporary fix, say Mississauga windows professionals.

Operation Difficulties

The easiest way to understand whether you have or have not this problem is to evaluate the process of windows operation: can you open and close your windows without any problems and effort? If no, then replace them. The ‘no’ situation is common for old double and single hung windows which traditionally have some issues with balance mechanism.

Mississauga windows contractors explain that once the balance fails the windows will no longer remain opened on their own and can slam shut. It is worth mentioning, that this is a problem of metal windows too. Such situations take place if metal windows were painted in the wrong way and now started rotting or rusting.


Condensation or fog inside the glass are the most common reason to replace windows in case you have double- or triple-paned windows. Sometimes you can replace only glass, whereas in other situations the whole window will need to be changed. Mississauga windows contractors advise to get professional consultation in case you are not sure about which replacement strategy to choose.

It is important to locate the problem because fog and condensation between the glass panels can indicate seal failure, according to Mississauga windows experts. If you see these signs, it means that your glass insulation does not work anymore and the only way to deal with it is replace windows.

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