Money saving tips for your trip to Bali

Bali is a wonderful holiday destination, and it is perfectly suitable for travelers on all budgets. The island has got everything! It is a backpacker’s destination as well as a popular place for honeymooners and those wanting to splurge out. You can even have a luxury holiday on a budget on this tropical island under the sun. Here are some money saving tips for your trip to Bali:

1. Search for the cheapest flight ticket on Skyscanner

If your timing is flexible, not tight to school holidays or anything, you can use to track down the cheapest flights to the Island of the Gods. Just select ‘the whole month’ or even ‘the whole year’ and you will see the best rates pop up on your laptop or smartphone in no time. You can select whatever airlines you want to fly with and get your travels booked. Enjoy the drinks, the food and the entertainment program, sleep a little, and before you know it you are landing at the international airport of Bali where your island holiday starts. Skyscanner is the first step to take if you want to save money for your holiday to Bali this year. If you’re looking to fly in style and don’t mind stretching your budget somewhat, private jet charters with Jettly are well worth considering to really make this luxurious holiday one to remember forever. Their booking process is quick and simple and you can enjoy complete end-to-end support and exceptional customer service.

2. Eat local food

Tip #1 to save money on your Bali Trip is to ‘do as the locals do’, and it certainly works for food-related stuff. Not only will you be saving lots of money on your holiday budget but you will be getting a taste of authentic Balinese food – the best there is. Eat at local warungs and street stalls and wander around on night markets to get some martabak, fried rice, noodles, fried bananas or chicken soup. A plate of rice, veggies and chicken can cost as little as US $1, and it tastes good, too. Pretty amazing!

3. Budget on accommodation without giving up on luxury

Bali is only a small island, but there are plenty of private villas found all around the coastline and land inwards in between sacred mountains and rolling rice terraces. In western countries, renting a villa for your holiday is an expensive thing to do, but here in Bali, there is something for everyone. There are charming Balinese-style private pool villas as well as modern holiday homes with tropical gardens and swimming pools. Just find the one that suits your taste and holiday budget. All villas come with air-conditioned bedroom suites, living and dining areas and modern kitchens and it is convenient, private and wonderful! You can stay in villages surrounded by rice paddies, near to the beach is popular tourist towns but also on cliff tops, at the edge of deep river valleys or on the slopes of volcanoes. The choices are endless!

4. Spa treatments don’t have to be expensive

Spa treatments for beauty, health and overall wellbeing, are an important aspect of the Balinese culture and you can get a full body massage for a price as low as US $5. There are also manicures, pedicures, facials, reflexology, cream baths, scrubs, flower baths and much more to be experienced and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Heaven is near!

5. Explore Bali on a scooter

Although getting a private car and driver to get you around the island is also very cheap, the cheapest and most fun way of getting around in by motorbike. You can rent a bike for approximately US $5 a day and if you rent it for a whole month prices drop even lower. Monthly scooter rental costs less than US $50. Driving your bike around the island is a wonderful experience, with the wind in your back and stunning sceneries all around you. It also saves lots of time standing still in traffic jams when you are finding yourself in the busier towns on the island. Do bring your international driver’s license or you are at the risk of getting fined. Also, always wear a helmet and never mix driving and drinking. But most of all, enjoy the ride and stop to take photos every once in a while.


Written by Stephanie from