How negative reviews can propel your business forward

The Internet has not only transformed the way we do business, but also the way in which consumers interact with us. The chances are that if a customer is unhappy with a product or service you have offered, they’ll leave a negative review on your website or social media, and you’ll have to work hard if you want to convert that one-star rating into something more favourable.

Below, we’ve rounded up why negative reviews can propel your business in the right direction.

  1. They allow you to engage with customers

Engaging with customers is one of the best ways to demonstrate your customer service expertise, and negative reviews allow you to do exactly that. If you can show that you’re capable of dealing with a negative customer experience in a positive manner, you’ll be able to improve the reputation of your business and show customers that you care about their experience.

Reach out to disaffected customers as soon as you can and offer an explanation and a peace-making gift, whether that’s a free drink next time they visit, or a refund on their original purchase.

  1. They highlight positive reviews

Negative reviews can have a big impact on your review page and your overall business rating, but they can actually make your good reviews even more impressive. When you allow bad reviews to be displayed, people will be much more likely to read both the positive and negative comments and make a decision based on your response.

In fact, negative reviews can actually increase trust, as only showing the most positive reviews on your profile can lead to reduced customer confidence.

However, also keep in mind that too much of anything is not good. In case you have a lot of negative reviews, you need to fix this as neglecting it can significantly lower your website’s ranking on Google search results. Keep a check on the platforms like Google My Business or Yelp and work to remove bad yelp reviews or any unnecessarily negative reviews on other website reviewing platforms. Apparently, an equal balance of both is generally what’s expected.

  1. They humanise your brand

While it’s true that every business would like a full-house of five-star reviews on their Facebook and TripAdvisor pages, the truth is that it’s impossible to keep customers happy all of the time. Negative reviews are unfortunately an inevitable part of running a business, but they can show the human side of your business as well.

If you run a restaurant and had a particularly busy day, for example, then you could receive negative reviews about the speed of service or incorrect orders. Explain why they had to wait or why an order was mixed up and apologise, and you’re more likely to keep them on your side.

  1. They increase your desire to satisfy

When you open up your business to scrutiny and reviews from customers, the chances are that you’ll be more likely to want to impress. For every negative review that bruises your ego, you’ve got the chance of receiving a glowing review that gives your confidence a boost.

If your business relies on the same customers over and over again and you’re looking to attract new customers, consider listing your products or services on Groupon. Not only will you be able to expose your brand to a wider audience, but you’ll also have the opportunity to collect even more positive reviews.

Nobody likes to read a negative review about their business, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Remember to use customers’ constructive criticism to improve your offering, and always respond individually to let people know that you care about their custom.