Pigmented Concentrates – The Future Of The Paints And Coatings Industry

The modern lifestyle involves the use of many innovative gadgets and devices, many of which are made from plastic or some other form of composite, and colour is an integral part of the production process. The manufacturing sector, for example, relies very heavily on paint and coating solutions, and there is no room for error in this department, and with specialist companies that are dedicated to producing pigment concentrates to order, the customer is able to achieve a high level of quality and colour consistency in their products.

Bespoke Service

Technology has empowered the paint industry to create millions of different shades, and with precision mixing, pigment concentrates can be created to astonishing accuracy. The customer might already have a particular colour or shade in mind, and while the pigment specialist is happy to work with the client’s chosen colour, they can also create something unique. Such is the quality of pigment dispersion inks today, you can be assured of perfection every time.

Range of Ink Products

Pigmented concentrates can be used with heatset and radiation cured inks, as well as the more traditional sheetfed type, which would be used for lithographic ink manufacture, and if you would like to make contact with a leading pigmented concentrates supplier, all it takes is an online search and you can be talking to the professionals. This type of company would have laboratories where their experts continue to develop new and innovative paints and coatings for a range of industries, and they love the challenge of a new project.

Projects Large And Small

The ideal pigment dispersion supplier would be able to handle any sized project, and whether the customer is looking for a single batch, or an ongoing supply, they would be able to take on the work. If you are in the paint and coating industry, a pigment dispersion company is a valuable partner, and if you can hook up with one that has all the resources necessary for bespoke production, you can be sure they have you covered when it comes to paint or other types of coating.


Graphene is a carbon based compound that was the result of scientific exploration by a UK based team in 2004, and this amazing substance is 200 times stronger than steel and has excellent barrier properties and can also be stretched. Graphene based paints and coatings are now being developed that have excellent conductive properties, as well as having a high level of resistivity, if required.

This is an exciting time for the paint and coatings industry, as new materials are being invented that can really help with bonding to a range of substrates, and this will result in a new level of manufacturing, which will not only bring down costs, but it will also be more eco-friendly than traditional materials and methods. If you would like to reap the benefits of new paint and coating technology, get in touch with a pigment dispersion specialist today and they can help you to formulate the right paint product.