Renovating a Property: My Labour of Passion and the Bane of my Life!

Taking a risk is not always the smartest thing to do, but it might just pay off in the long run. This was essentially my mantra for when I bought that fixer-upper property as an investment- not as eloquent as I would have liked, but a nice back track could have made it work, I’m quite sure.

Rubbing my hands with boyish glee and underlying anxiety, I stepped on the property and got a good look with what I was about to work with. If I had somehow bit off more than I can chew, I was rather determined to swallow it whole and chase it down with a bottle. Or two.


I looked at the kitchen from the point of view of a guy who cooks for his wife and kids every so often, and put practicality and strategic placement at the forefront of my mind. I installed hardwood flooring, a good choice that would help with absorbing heat and the clanging sounds of frying pans.

Men and women both have a no-nonsense approach to cooking, and I made sure that everything you needed to prepare a meal was easily within reach or a couple of steps away. You could now jump out of the frying pan and land squarely on your two feet, instead of into the fire.


Living Room

I decided to modernize the living room a bit, because in the age of frugal living, minimalism and materialistic detachment is as good an excuse as any. I wanted to make the place affordable, simple yet still attractive, especially for younger families- all of which are in the scope of a modern-designed home.

The walls were kept monochromatic and clean, so that any additional accessories and furniture would easily fit in with the color scheme of the room.

Master Bedroom

I knew the master bedroom was a make or break deal, especially when it came to younger couples who were scoping the place out, hoping to settle down. This was the place that potential tenants could look at and make a decision on the spot.

Keeping it spacious and simple was the key, so future tenants had the freedom to fix it up however they would like. The bed was surely to stay in the middle, so I focused on making the rest of the room frame that properly.

Main Bathroom

Another very important room in the would-be home, I was really looking to make some bathroom improvements that would make the place inviting to those who can appreciate what is essentially the throne room. This is often what you first walk into in the morning, and the last room you see at night, save for your bedroom.

The room was originally too cramped for my tastes, so I took some time to strategise to make use of the space allotted. Fixtures were misshapen and made it difficult to move around, so I just generally rearranged everything, made use of the corners and took advantage of the walls that were not in the way. When undertaking any bathroom-related remodels though, it’s important to either know the ins-and-outs of it like the back of your hand, or have a professional plumber service come in to help out. Otherwise, it might end up getting messier (and wetter) than expected!



The garden had me a little stuck, as landscaping was a bit difficult to pin down since different people had different tastes. That is why I thought of contacting professionals who could help me fabricate a Landscape Design that could please everybody.

That said, as with the rest of the house, I decided to keep everything simple, well kept and clean.

After everything was done, I was quite satisfied as I dusted off my now-ripped jeans and got a good look at my handiwork. The property ended up looking much simpler than it did originally, though modern in design and practical, which are all important aspects for today’s living. I pat myself on the back for this one, and will probably reward myself with that bottle later tonight.