Restaurant Wifi: a powerful marketing tool

Wifi Zone and Spot

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With most people now owning mobile devices such as a smartphones or tablets, the demand for WiFi in bars, pubs and restaurants is higher than ever. Whether they’re browsing the web for vouchers, updating their social media pages or checking in with the office, customers expect to have access to fast and reliable WiFi when dining out. As well as enhancing customer experience, public WiFi is now being used by food and drink venues as a marketing tool to support their business and bolster their bottom line. Here’s a look at how restaurants can utilise WiFi to enhance their marketing strategies:

Create a loyal customer base

Rather than just offering free internet access, the best satellite options providing the best WiFi facility gives businesses the chance to build a loyal customer base. Food establishments can create their own branded login page that provides their customers with exclusive promotions, offers and localised information. Having a personalised portal page that includes relevant information can help to encourage customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat custom.

Acquire valuable customer data

WiFi can also help businesses gain a clearer view of their customers. Certain bespoke WiFi packages, such as Airangel food and drink WiFi, employ advanced analytics that can track the user’s online behaviour and capture relevant data, such as age, gender, visited websites and the amount of time spent on a web page. By harnessing this valuable data, businesses can learn more about what their customers really want and, in turn, deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns. Also, managing and storing the acquired data with Zendesk integrations or similar software allows businesses to manage the operations better. Thus having equipped with all the useful information and the tools, food establishments can adapt and update their services and products to meet the needs of their demographic and boost customer sales.

Social integration

Social integration

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With social login options, restaurants can encourage engagement with their brand and attract new customers. By having your customers login via their social profiles, not only are they provided with quick and effortless internet access, your brand is simultaneously being promoted to their friends and family across their various channels. With your business’s name appearing in news feeds, brand recognition can increase as a direct result.

A marketing powerhouse

Every user who logs on to a restaurant’s WiFi will be added to their marketing database, enabling the business to address their target audience and build long-lasting customer relationships with them through campaigns. With the help of experienced restaurant consulting companies that can curate specific marketing and branding techniques for any restaurant, all of the gathered information can be put to good use.

Armed with this rich database, food venues can deliver brand advertisements and send direct marketing messages to existing customers, whether it’s to promote a new part of your menu, an exclusive offer or seasonal food promotions. While your customers benefit from a highly personalised internet experience, you can monitor consumer behaviour and use this information to inform part of your long-term marketing strategies.