Are You Safe in Your Own Home? – INFOGRAPHIC

Crime rates have increased in recent years, so individuals are increasingly encouraged to take personal responsibility for their safety and to take preventative measures if necessary. In addition to other precautions, owning a firearm can ensure your safety. Guns are possessed for many reasons, but self-defense is the most common. Many people collect or inherit firearms, which they use for protection, hunting, or competition. Guns are effective self-defense weapons because they reduce the possibility of being attacked by criminals. Guns can be used not only to protect you and your family, but also to protect others. You protect strangers, colleagues, friends, and family members when you carry a gun. Additionally, carrying a concealed weapon (in a holster such as the ones from makes you more aware of your surroundings, which helps you to avoid danger. Gun storage is just as important as knowing the laws and regulations governing gun use.

With all the investments you may have poured into securing your home, the question of whether or not you’re safe in your own home can be made for a rather sore point considering the numbers surrounding UK home burglaries in spite of all the security measures put in place by a lot of homeowners. It’s one thing to feel safe and secure, but it could be another thing altogether to have your home safely put to the test in a manner that could very well be even a critical issue. Home intruders could very well come armed and ready to inflict some serious harm should there be any resistance to them getting their way, so it is indeed of utmost importance to pay proper attention to your home safety and security. Despite all the advancements in home security, this infographic put together by ironmongery specialist outlet, Ironmongery Direct, highlights one important consideration a lot of homeowners still seem to be missing, that being the core basics of securing one’s home. The core basics of home security ultimately come down to the quality and effectiveness of those invisible cogs which form part of your home security, such as your door and window locks and hinges, cabinet hardware and any other ironmongery which helps keep intruders out in an indirect way.