How to Save on Commercial Cleaning Equipment

If you are a business owner who is involved in the commercial cleaning industry, you’ll know how much it costs your company to service and maintain your equipment. There are ways to increase the longevity of your cleaning equipment by properly maintaining machinery and other cleaning accessories, it will also save you money in the long run. Here are some great tips to increase the life cycle of your cleaning equipment.


When it comes to saving money on equipment, try to purchase items that are non-disposable. That means products that can be changed and not discarded after one or two uses. For example, don’t buy a mop with fixed heads that can’t be changed. Such products can only be used a certain amount of times before they have to be thrown out, always look for mops that are reusable, with a mop head that can be changed at any time. As a result, your business will save a lot of money as you won’t need to buy new cleaning supplies all the time. These things would probably make it easier for your experts to clean the workplace area. And the businesses could even hire you frequently to clean the property. Building owners tend to depend on commercial cleaning service providers who execute their jobs effectively, and with the aforementioned tools, it may be possible.

Besides that, you may also find that some equipment you buy can only be replaced with a particular brand, and most of the time the brand they choose is costly. When purchasing cleaning equipment look for products which are compatible which a wide range of brands, this gives you the opportunity to buy cheaper parts when required.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Don’t try to save on cost and purchase a standard domestic vacuum if you plan on using it on a daily basis for your commercial cleaning business, they are designed for a specific purpose and heavy-duty cleaning is not one of them. If you operate in the commercial cleaning industry, you’ll require durable industrial suction machines and other products which are designed to handle the rigours of commercial cleaning.

You should also consider the type of machinery you buy, aim to purchase recognised industrial brands which are regularly used in the cleaning industry. Simply using an everyday mop and bucket will not do. You have to buy strong floor scrubbers or wet-dry vacuums from the likes of Intelligent Design Manufacturing – these are built for commercial and industrial purposes, which means they are likely to be durable enough for long-term use. At least you know you’re not wasting money and you’ll get a product which is specifically designed for daily use.

Knowledge of Products

When running a commercial cleaning enterprise, it is vital that you and your staff know how to properly use cleaning equipment and machinery, it doesn’t just guarantee that the premises you clean will be spotless, it also ensures that you save money on usage. If you purchase a new product from your online sanitation supply store, it is important to carefully read their instructions. If you don’t follow their guidelines, you may use the equipment incorrectly costing your company a lot of money. Don’t cut corners and use machinery for multiple tasks when the instructions specifically state it should only be used on certain types of flooring or furniture.

Working in the commercial cleaning industry requires extensive knowledge and cost-effective procedures to help keep expenses low, most of your equipment will experience regular wear and tear, so it is vital that you purchase durable, robust machinery. Once purchased, take some time to properly understand operating guidelines and procedures.