How to Save Money on Kids’ Toys

If your home is overflowing with the toys that you – and your family and have friends – have spent lots of money on that your children don’t even play with any more, then it’s time to think carefully about how you want to continue in your toy-buying activities.

There are lots of ways that you can clear up your home, save some money, make some money and make other children happy and help develop your own children. Read on to find out how.

Have a Sort Out

First things first – you need to sort out your current situation. If your kids are old enough to understand, go through their toys with them and help them make a decision – do they play with the toy anymore? Would another little boy or girl play with it more? If you involve them in the process, they will have more ‘ownership’ over the decision. Make it a regular thing and it will become easier over time.


Chuck, Donate or Sell

You want to get rid of any broken or otherwise unusable toys right away, but other toys that are in good condition can be given to friends or family, donated to charity or sold on local Facebook groups or eBay.

Free Toys

  • “Recycle” – Just like when you get your winter clothes back out from storage and you fall in love with them again, put lesser used toys away, and when your kids tire of the toys they have, you can bring out the lesser used ones.
  • Borrow toys – many people hold on to toys while they are ‘between babies’ so why not post on your social media and ask if you can borrow a certain toy for a while. You can do the same when your children grow out of their toys.
  • Exchange with a friend – if you have a friend with a similar aged child, then see if they’d like to do a toy exchange.
  • Use your imagination – that old adage that kids are more interested in the box? Embrace that and make games out of boxes, egg boxes, anything and everything.


Buying Carefully

  • Second hand toys. Charity shops and car boot sales can be treasure troves for cheap toys, and eBay and Amazon will yield specific toys too.
  • Look for online sales, loyalty programmes and free delivery. This is particularly useful for older kids who aren’t likely to be fooled by second hand toys. Places like for that eternal teenage pastime, skating, are good for loyal customers too.