Smart Snacking for Energy and Razor-Sharp Focus

Modern day life has become so fast and demanding that one might look back a few years and wonder just how we managed to be so productive, or if in fact we were indeed as productive as we seemingly are right now. In a world where everything has become instantaneous – from the instant social interaction fix you get through logging on to your Facebook account to the fast delivery you enjoy shortly after ordering some fast foods without getting up off the couch – it can be really hard to keep up with all the demands of maintaining a vibrant personal life and balancing that out with a productive professional life. You’d probably buy energy in the rawest form it could ever come in if it was at all possible, but as much as energy boosters such as sugary energy drinks are perhaps as close as it comes to taking in raw energy, these highly caffeinated energy quick-fixes can never be sustainably used forever. If you want a much “safer” way of restoring your energy balance and perhaps just benefitting from a quick energy boost when you need one, check out this infographic put together by Citrix GoToMeeting, detailing 20 snacks that do just that.

15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_au