Startup Savings: Strong Strategies for Slashing Print Marketing Costs

Print marketing can be expensive, and cutting your costs when you are starting out is a good idea. You will want to be saving money in any way you can, and there are many ways in which you can save cash when it comes to your print marketing campaigns. So cut your expenditure without affecting the quality of your marketing by following these tips.

Print in Bulk

Every time you send something to the printers, it will cost you money. If you regularly send small orders, you will almost certainly be spending too much on your printing costs. Instead, print in bulk. This will cost you more at the time you make the order, but you will save money over the months and years. Just make sure you really will use everything that you print to avoid waste.


Another way to save money on printing costs is to consider the design of your marketing materials. When you print items for one-off events, you cannot use them again. However, if you design the items with your logo instead, rather than mentioning the event, you can use them again for future events. Always think long-term when you print marketing materials and you could reduce wastage.

Use Your Own Printer and Ink

You may not need to hire a printer at all for some of your print marketing activities, and instead you could use your own printer. A quality printer can be a large investment, but over time it could pay for itself. Make sure invest in high-quality ink cartridges from a shop like StinkyInk where you can get good deals to make even more savings. Once your business starts growing and brings in more revenue, you may even want to look into other equipment you can buy to improve your print marketing, rather than just basic printing. Products like the Duplo DC-446 Cutter Creaser can really help boost marketing efforts and in return, bring you more customers.

Focus on Your Target Audience

If you are going to send out marketing materials to your targets, make sure you target them properly. Defining your target market all comes down to effective planning, and it can save you a lot of money.

Make sure you are sending your marketing materials to people who could genuinely become customers or repeat customers, and also go through your contacts’ information and make sure it is up to date. If your list is inaccurate, you could be wasting a huge amount of money, so it is better to have a smaller list of highly targeted recipients than a large list of duds.


Check for Typos

The biggest waste of money is when you print out your marketing materials and then find a mistake in them. You don’t want to send them out because this can affect your brand image, but printing them again will be costly. Checking over proofs is a small investment to make, so get numerous people to check over the documents, and even hire a professional editor to make sure you catch all mistakes.

Is All the Printing Necessary?

Printing plays an essential marketing role for many businesses. But do you need to print everything? You may well want to consider moving some of your marketing activities online. Don’t just go to online marketing because everyone else is doing it, and instead make sure you weigh up the pros and cons for your own business. Your marketing might still be more effective if you focus on on specialty printing. So, you may want to stick to that, but do some research because online marketing could be even more effective for your business while saving you some money.

Save Money on Your Printing Costs

As a startup, you don’t want to be spending any more money that you need to when it comes to your print marketing. Follow these tips to keep your costs lower without affecting the success of your marketing campaigns, and enjoy the same benefits of print marketing while spending less.

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