Thrifty Ways To Heat Your Home

You might think that spring is a strange time to be talking about heating. But it one of the most difficult times of year to stay warm. You don’t want to spend on heating during the day, but come nightfall the air has a decidedly chilly feel to it.

Thankfully, there are some easy tips to help you stop racking up the heating costs during spring. Let’s take a look at them now.


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Insulate Properly

Basic insulation is cheaper than you think, and it pays off very quickly. You can insulate your roof yourself, although for maximum effect you should think about getting a professional to do your cavity walls as well. You may qualify for a Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. Head over to the government website for info on that.

Draught Excluder

A draught excluder – or door snake – is very cheap and effective way of keeping heat in and cold air out. They normally sit across the bottom of your door, but you can also get them to fit across problem window ledges. You lose a surprising amount of heat through window and door gaps, and this is such an easy way of trapping it all in.

Water Heater

If you have a water heater in an airing cupboard, then quite often all the door will trap all that heat on the inside. Change your airing cupboard door for some pine louvre doors, and it will warm the surrounding area nicely.

Keep Your Doors Shut

Heat from rooms will quickly travel out of the door, no matter how quickly it is open and shut. This is particularly relevant to your front door. During spring, it is tempting to leave it open, due to the warmer days. But every bit of heat you lose will make your home far cooler in the evenings.

The Chimney

Now that winter is over; you have probably stopped using your fire or woodburner. This means that your chimney has turned into a conduit for any drafts that want to come into your house. As soon as you have stopped using your fire for the season, you should think about blocking up your chimney with a stopper or a balloon. They are available from any DIY store and are incredibly cheap.

Repair Everything

Spring cleaning is a great time for everything to have a good going over, but it is also a good time to spot any holes or repairs. While all the furniture is out of the way, have a good look around. Any holes in your brickwork can be easily fixed with filler, and any cracks in the floorboards can be sorted with a wood filler. You could even use insulation tape if the floors are being covered by a carpet or rug.

That’s all of our key tips for keeping your house warm for little cost. With any luck, if you do all these now you can enjoy the summer happy in the knowledge that when winter comes, you will already be prepared. Feel free to share any tips that you have for a thriftily warmed home.