Tips for Choosing a Business Phone System

There are numerous ways to stay in touch with clients and potential customers, but your phone system remains the easiest way to communicate. Choosing the correct business phone system is vital to your organisation, selecting an inadequate system can seriously affect your business and cost you sales. In addition to the phones themselves, you may wish to get dialling software from somewhere like PhoneBurner ( to make calls as quick and efficient as possible for the team(s) that will be making any outbound calls. It is important to think ahead when ordering a new system just like you would any vital business decision.


You must consider your staff when choosing a business phone system, they’ll be the people who use the system on a regular basis, so it must be adequate for their needs. If you’re starting off a small operation, a simple two-way device may be sufficient enough for a small number of employees, but once you start to expand you’ll run into issues. You’ll need to have something far more advanced and that is why it is important to install a high-quality phone system.

You should consult with employees before upgrading or installing business phone systems, they work in communications throughout the day, so there is no one better placed to offer advice than your staff. Once you understand business communications from an operational standpoint, you’ll have no problem relaying this information to a telecommunications provider. Getting the right type of company will enable your workforce to operate more effectively, improving productivity.

Essential Features

Before choosing a company to install a business phone system, you must inquire about essential features. Most first-class communications providers will include quality features such as:

  • Hands free head sets
  • Call recording
  • Music on hold
  • CTI
  • Professional voicemail

You must select a business who can provide for your needs, if you require state of the art headsets which are ready to use out of the box, the company you deal with must be able to meet your demands. For example, TruLeap offers superb home and business phone plans. However, not every company is suitable for your precise needs so further research is a must. If you’re looking for a phone system that has advanced security features to protect your calls, as well as a decent voicemail management option, then looking for a company like Fortinet, (find more info here) that can meet these demands may be in your best interest. If your chosen company is unable to adapt its services to your needs, then you must consider taking your business elsewhere. Ask yourself some key question like:

  • Do you need conference calling services?
  • Is voicemail a requirement?
  • Do you need a reception?

Location & System

The type of system you choose will depend on your location and site. If you require a multisite system, you may need to purchase a different type in comparison to a single site system. A variety of different sites will demand a different solution and what is appropriate for one site, may not be appropriate for another. So, choose a communications provider who is flexible and adaptable. The type of system they install should be easy to use, you don’t want to waste time training staff. Some systems are more complex than others, so choosing a system which is user friendly is a must.

An organisations telephone system is a core component of their business, it helps them to stay connected not just externally but also internally. It is one of the most reliable ways to communicate and any company would be lost without it. You must carefully consider your choices when upgrading or installing a new business communications system.