Top 10 bridging loan companies for 2019

If you think that you could benefit from a trusted short-term finance solution, it’s important to do your research on the best place to look

Bridging loans are designed to bridge a gap in your finances, and provide you with short-term funding so that you can take the crucial next step towards long-term profits. Unlike more traditional methods of financial support such as mortgages, bridging loans can provide fast access to funds, allowing you to take advantage of potential purchases with a short window of opportunity. From auction purchases and property development to escaping a property chain and buying your dream home, bridging loans are applicable to a range of situations.

So it’s no wonder bridge finance is proving so popular, but who should you turn to for your short-term funds? These are the top 10 bridging loan companies for 2019.


Glenhawk is a fresh and esteemed lender which boasts the “head of an institution and the heart of a start-up.” Their team possesses genuine passion for the financial sector, and their finance services are both fast and competitive. They offer no admin or exit fees, and rates from as little as 0.79% per month.

United Trust Bank

United Trust Bank offer a focused and relationship-driven approach to bridging finance, taking the client’s needs into account. Their bridging department is award winning, and provides FCA regulated and unregulated short-term loans for a range of purposes. They offer a maximum loan size of upwards of £15million.

Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook Bank has been a growing financial business since 2011, and offers lending services based on individual criteria and “the simple, old-fashioned quality of good sense.”

Shawbrook offer two different kinds of bridging finance – one for bridging the gap between property sales and one for financing refurbishment.


LendInvest offer a friendly service with a variety of financial options available. They can provide bridging loans for residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties, as well as land. Their short-term loans can help quickly secure a property, generate cash flow or fund light works.

Octopus Property

Octopus specialise in getting landlords, property developers and property investors the loans they need, offering a process that is as quick and pain-free as possible. They offer residential bridging finance, regulated bridging finance, commercial bridge to let finance and commercial refurbishment loans.

Greenfield Capital

Greenfield Capital are an FCA authorised short term lending firm with more than 60 years of experience within their management team. Their services are fast and competitive, with loans ranging from £26,000 to £5 million. Residential, commercial, semi-commercial and auction finance are all considered.

Fortwell Capital

Fortwell Capital is an unregulated principal lender, which offers short and medium term financing solutions to developers and investors within the UK real estate sector. They have lent over £1.2 billion since their inception in 2011 through more than 350 loans.

Oblix Capital

Oblix Capital offers specialist funding for the UK property market, delivered by industry experts. They specialise in both bridging finance and development finance, and their bridging services include residential, refurbishment, commercial and semi-commercial. Their loans range from £50,000 to £7.5 million.

Masthaven Bank

Masthaven provide bridging finance services which have been built “around diversity, simplicity and flexibility.” They look at each bridging loan application on an individual basis, and provide both residential and commercial services for clients.


Kuflink is an online peer-to-peer lending firm with award-winning services. They specialise in short term loans secured against UK property, having offers more than 64,000 investments with a total of £38,500,000+.

As well as exploring the 10 best bridging loan companies for 2019, you should also speak to lenders directly to see what they can offer you. Make your way down our list today and find the best offer for you.