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Hi guys!

I take it that if you’ve reached this far then you know all about me right?  So you know I’m not going to take a post about cheap ice skating rinks in Leeds?  (This only makes sense if you work in SEO Outreach – otherwise just ignore!).

This is the look of contempt I have for poor quality guest posts. This is what I look like by the way :)

This is the look of contempt I have for poor quality guest posts!

Right then… well guys the truth is that I really do welcome anything from other bloggers – I want my meagre audience (around 1,000 per month) to read one of your different views every once in a while to give them some change.

So contrary views are always welcome to stir up a bit of contreversoy – but just make sure that you mention that it’s not me in the article!

If you are interested to share one of your articles here, then make sure you follow or do these requirements:

  • You must have your own website or blog
  • Your article should be more than 700 words
  • Your article should be ORIGINAL and it must not be published on your website/blog or any other site
  • It should be related to finance
  • It must include a short biography about you
  • It may include up to two links to your blog in the article’s body, NO AFFILIATE LINKS please
  • Make sure you don’t have any misspelled words or grammatical errors before submitting
  • After submitting, you must be able to entertain comments on your article and promote it on your social networking sites
  • When you submit your article to us and it’s approved, we now have the right to edit it

Before submitting your article, please contact me first to check whether your article would be appropriate to my site or not.

DO NOT send the full article because it may not be published and I might be offended.  See image above.

If you are having a hard time choosing which article to send, then just email me the titles, so that I could choose them myself by using my contact page here.

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